CAD file creation service

Diamond and gemstones fine jewellery designs based on your special requirements. I create production-ready files and rendings for your approval. I can send CAD files to your chosen casting company and order castings on your behalf at no extra cost.

Hand rendering service

Hand drawing and painting are great ways to preview an idea before proceeding to CAD. They can also be a lovely gift to your customers to remember the journey of commissioning a piece of jewellery from start to finish.

Bespoke settings service

Wouldn't it be lovely to incorporate beautiful stones in your designs? But yes it can be very costly to make the setting by hand. 

I can help you create CAD files for your oddly shaped stones. For further details please get in touch!

HELLO, I'M Kylie Yeung

International Award winning jewellery designer with 20 years' experience in both handmade contemporary jewellery and worldwide professional fine jewellery design and production.  Clients include David M Robinson,  Lionel Wiffen Fine Jewellery,   Charlotte Verity Designer Jeweller,  Amy Wilkinson Jewellery and Dew Drop Jewellery